Lectures are offered either in digital or traditional slide format. Average length is 1 hour, but individual requirements are catered for.
Fuller lists are also available, comprising over 100 other talks in two categories:

1) General Medieval talks (people, places, politics etc.)
2) Music talks (composers, concepts, Christmas etc.)

This list is current for 2013.

Alabaster Monuments - A Lifelike Gallery of Medieval Characters
Art of Thirteenth Century England - The Glory of Early Gothic
Beverley Minster & its Musical Sculpture

Black Death Gothic - Awesome Achievements in Fourteenth Century England
Buildings of Early Tudor England
Castles of Conquest - Edward I’s Works in Wales
The Christmas Story in Medieval English Art
The Church Detectives Checklist - Twenty Questions to ask an Old Building
Cotswold Churches
Gothic - A Revolution in Art & Architecture
John Taverner - A Medieval Musician & the Churches where he worked
Kempley 1903 - An Arts and Crafts Church
Kings College Chapel, Cambridge - The Building & its Music
Masterpieces of Anglo-Saxon Art
Matthew Paris of St. Albans - Chronicler & Artist
Medieval Craftsmen - A Window on their World
Medieval Castles in Context
Medieval Cathedrals in Context
The Medieval Forest
The Medieval Home - Houses and Households
Medieval Hospitals - Charity, Hospitality, Healing
Medieval Malmesbury - An Evocation
Medieval Scottish Gothic - Its Splendours and Excesses
Medieval English Stained Glass - A brief history
Medieval Wallpainting - Re-imagining Faded Splendours
Medieval Woodcarving - A half-hidden World of Wonders
Music in the West Gallery - 18th Century Parish Churches and their Choirs
Nature in Medieval Art - Birds and Beasts, Flowers and Forests
New Ways to Look at Old Churches
Pilgrims of Medieval Britain - A Window on Their World
A Pilgrimage to Medieval Canterbury
A Pilgrimage to Medieval Glastonbury
A Pilgrimage to Medieval Gloucestershire
A Pilgrimage to Medieval Herefordshire
A Pilgrimage to Medieval Northumbria
A Pilgrimage to Medieval Oxfordshire
A Pilgrimage to Medieval Scotland
A Pilgrimage to Medieval Wales
A Pilgrimage to Medieval Walsingham
A Pilgrimage to Medieval Worcestershire
Purbeck Marble
- The Royal Stone of Thirteenth Century England
Salisbury Cathedral - The Building & its Music

Special Interest Days

Castles & Cathedrals
The Church Detectives’ Checklist
Churches & Music
Cotswold Churches
English Gothic - Birth of a Style
Gloucestershire Churches
Medieval Buildings
Medieval Cotswolds
Medieval Craftsmen
Medieval Pilgrims - A Window on Their World
Medieval Pilgrims in England
Medieval Pilgrims in Scotland
Medieval Pilgrims in Wales
Medieval Women
Nature in Medieval Art
New Ways to Look at Old Churches
Scottish Border Country

I also do Special Interest Days in conjunction with NAFDAS lecturers Alice Foster and Juliet Heselwood - please ask any of us for details

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