Medieval Matters

Introducing the Anglo-Saxons
Masterpieces of Anglo-Saxon Art
Anglo-Saxon Minsters – Roots of the English Church
Origins of the English Parish (no slides)
927 And All That – The Birth of England
Edward the Confessor’s Kingdom – England on the Eve of Conquest
1066 - The Fact & the Fantasy
The Dispossessed – English Royalty after the Norman Conquest (no slides)
Dawn of Chivalry – The Knight in the Twelfth Century
Magna Carta – How it Happened and What it Was
Origins of the English Parliament (no slides)
Why England and France went to War – The Tragedy of 1337
The Black Death comes to England
The Peasants’ Revolt – A Tale of Heroism and Tragedy
Henry V and the French Wars
The Hundred Years’ War – Why England Lost
Roots of the Reformation – From Wyclif to Wolsey
Pilgrims of Grace – The Rebels of 1536 and Why they Rebelled
Medieval Hospitals – Charity, Hospitality, Healing
Nature in Medieval Art – Birds and Beasts, Flowers and Forests
The Medieval Forest
Who was St Nicholas? – The Saint who became Santa

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