Medieval People

King Alfred - The Fact and the Fantasy
St.Cuthbert - Patron of the North Country
St. Edmund - England’s Royal Martyr
St. Dunstan - Life of a Tenth Century Statesman
Ælfric of Eynsham - His Life of 1000 Years Ago
William of Malmesbury - A Medieval Historian at Work
Gerald of Wales - A Turbulent Twelfth Century Life
William Marshal – The Flower of English Chivalry
St Richard of Droitwich – A Prince among Bishops
Educating Henry – The boy-king Henry III
Matthew Paris of St. Albans - Chronicler & Artist
Who was Simon de Montfort? – A brief life of the man who died at Evesham
Young Edward’s Adventures – The Apprenticeship of Edward I
Like Father, Unlike Son – The Upbringings of Edward I & Edward II
John Leland - A Tudor Traveller and what he saw
Hilda of Whitby - Wise Woman & Saint
Æthelflæd of the Mercians - Local Heroine
St. Margaret of Scotland – Her Astonishing Story
Empress Matilda - Her Fight for the Throne
Julian of Norwich – Her Place in History
Margery Kempe of Lynn - Traveller, Pilgrim & Autobiographer
Margaret Paston – A Window on her World
Medieval Women - A Pictorial Journey into their Lives
Medieval Craftsmen – A Window on their World

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