Special Interest Days/Dayschools

Castles & Cathedrals
Churches & Music
Cotswold Churches
English Gothic – Birth of a Style
Gloucestershire Churches
Introducing the Anglo-Saxons
John Leland - The Tudor Traveller
King Alfred – The Fact and the Fantasy
Medieval Buildings
Medieval Cotswolds
Medieval Craftsmen
Medieval Pilgrims – A Window on Their World
Medieval Pilgrims in England
Medieval Pilgrims in Scotland
Medieval Pilgrims in Wales
Medieval Women
Nature in Medieval Art
New Ways to Look at Old Churches
One Thousand Years Ago in England
Roots of the Reformation
Scottish Border Country
Simon de Montfort and his turbulent times
The Birth of England
The Church Detectives’ Checklist
The Hundred Years War
The Norman Conquest
William Marshall – The Flower of English Chivalry

I also do Special Interest Days in conjunction with NAFDAS lecturers Alice Foster and Juliet Heselwood - please ask any of us for details.

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Hans Hill Farm
GL56 9TB

01386 700 664

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